China Press (中國報) Feature: LYC SOG Confinement Centre (Johor Bahru)

26 Mar 2022

Thank you China Press (中國報) for featuring our official opening of LYC SOG Confinement Centre in Johor Bahru!

Strategically located in Johor Bahru (just minutes away from the Singapore-Malaysia border), LYC SOG Confinement Centre is has an initial capacity of 71 rooms, with ample space for the whole family to stay comfortably. The confinement centre offers Singaporean and Malaysian families to have easy access to professional confinement services and round-the-clock care, within a spa-like retreat.

With the reopening of our borders, we look forward to welcoming you!


“LYC SOG 新山月子中心有多达71间金品酒店及别的套房,内设宽敞,沉稳质感的装潢 、舒适明亮的采光规划,整体氛围相当温馨。除了专业护理人员团队24小时照护宝宝、星级厨师提供的营业月子餐,中心内也附设产后修复中心,协助妈妈们迅速恢复体形。在柔佛设立月子护理中心,相信能为南马区和新加坡产妇和新生宝宝家庭,提供全方位的产后护理服务。”

Read the full article here: https://www.chinapress.com.my/?p=2907476

🌐 For enquiries and more information on our confinement packages, visit: https://www.sog.com.sg/services/lyc-sog-confinement