MummysMarket: Pregnancy to Parenthood (Seminar) – Interacting with your Newborn and Development in the First 60 Days

19 Nov 2021


Organised by MummysMarket, “Pregnancy to Parenthood” featured SOG Consultant Paediatrician Dr. Irene Teo, and other expert speakers came together for this on-demand webinar (available from 19 Nov – 3 Dec) to better prepare mummies-to-be for their parenting journey ahead.

In this parenthood webinar, participants were able to tune in from the comforts of their own home to learn more about “Interacting With Your Newborn and Development In The First 60 Days” from Dr. Teo.

Topics covered by Dr. Teo include:

  • Your baby’s first 3 days
  • Ways to stimulate your newborn from early on
  • Newborn’s sleep schedules
  • Newborn’s feeding schedules
  • Baby Poop Guide
  • Common conditions in the early days and how to handle them (jaundice, umbilical stub infection, cradle cap, baby acne, Colic)
  • Other Common Skin Conditions
  • Colic
  • Baby Vaccinations

Credit: Mummys Market