Medical Advisory Committee

A Medical Advisory Committee has been set up to oversee the governance and standards of the Group. The roles and responsibilities of the Medical Advisory Committee include the following:

  • serves as a liaison body between Board of Directors, the specialist medical practitioners of our Group and the management team;
  • provides clinical governance for our specialist medical practitioners;
  • advise on standard procedures and development of medical and ethical policies relating to clinical services;
  • investigating and reviewing adverse clinical events and untoward clinical practices;
  • advise on practice guidelines and conducting medical audits of our medical clinics;
  • advise our Board of Directors on the appointment of healthcare professionals including specialist medical practitioners; this includes reviewing and evaluating the professional qualifications of these individuals;
  • approves drugs for use;
  • make recommendations on procurement of new and appropriate medical equipment;
  • make recommendations on appropriate professional courses and seminars online with Continuing Medical Education requirements; and
  • advice on infection control and monitoring of all drug utilisation policies and practices in our Group.

The Medical Advisory Committee consists of the following:

Name Position
Dr. Choo Wan Ling Chairperson
Dr. Natalie Chua Vice-Chairperson
Mr. Eric Choo Internal non-medical member
Dr. Cindy Pang Internal medical member
Dr. Tan Chuan Chien Internal medical member
Dr. Christina Ong Internal medical member
Dr. Chua Ee Chek External medical member
Mr. Steven Seah Seow Kang External non-medical member

The Medical Advisory Committee includes Dr. Chua Ee Chek, a senior medical professional and Mr. Steven Seah Seow Kang, a senior legal professional, both of whom are not part of the Group, to provide independence.

Dr. Chua Ee Chek

External medical member

Dr. Chua Ee Chek is a reputable ophthalmologist with more than 20 years of experience, and is currently a Senior Consultant at Gleneagles Medical Centre. He graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1984, and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons of Glasgow and a Fellow of the Academy of Medicine,Singapore. In addition to general ophthalmology, Dr. Chua Ee Chek is also an experienced cataract surgeon with special interest in small incision, sutureless cataract surgery with premium implants. He was conferred the Public Service Medal (PBM) and the Public Service Star (BBM).

Mr. Steven Seah Seow Kang

External non-medical member

Mr. Steven Seah is currently the managing partner of Seah Ong & Partners LLP, and an independent director of IPC Corporation Limited. He graduated from the University of Singapore in 1980, and obtained the Diploma of Business Law from the National University of Singapore in 1988. Mr. Steven Seah was called to the Bar in 1981 and has more than 30 years of experience in conveyancing, corporate work, intellectual property, civil and criminal litigation and solicitors’ work. He was conferred the Public Service Medal (PBM) and Public Service Star (BBM).