Breast & General Surgery

A woman’s breasts nourish, nurture and comfort a woman’s children and they contribute to her sexuality and femininity. Sadly, cancer of the breast remains the most common cancer in women in the last decade. Detecting breast lumps early through regular checks allows early management of cancer and could save your life.

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Breast & General Surgery

At SOG, we are dedicated to helping women restore their breast health through holistic and personalized care. We understand and recognize the special needs women have when it comes to seeking consultations and treatments for any type of breast disease, and work hard to make them feel comfortable and safe. We have expertise in diagnosis, treatment, and management of a broad range of breast conditions.


Our Services

  1. Detailed Screening For Breast Cancer
  2. Management of Breast Cancer
  3. Breast Cancer Surgery Including Reconstruction and Breast-Conserving Surgery
  4. Mastectomy, including skin sparing and nipple sparing with immediate reconstruction
  5. Radical Axillary Lymph Node Surgery
  6. Radiation and Chemotherapy
  7. Hormonal Therapy
  8. Targeted Therapy
  9. Ultrasound and Biopsy
  10. Management of range of breast conditions including breast pain, nipple discharge, nipple inversion, skin changes
  11. Management of Breast Lumps
  12. Fine Needle Aspiration of Breast Cysts and Abscesses
  13. Surgical Treatment For Accessory Breasts, and Gynaecomastia in Males

About Singapore
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Established in 2011, Singapore O&G Ltd (SOG) was formed with the vision of creating a specialist medical and surgical group catering to the healthcare needs of the modern woman, her children and her family. With clinics strategically located throughout Singapore, we give women and children easy access to high-quality, trusted healthcare services with a personal touch.

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