About Singapore
O&G Ltd

Established in 2011, Singapore O&G Ltd (SOG) was formed with the vision of creating a specialist medical and surgical group catering to the healthcare needs of the modern woman, her children and her family. With clinics strategically located throughout Singapore, we give women and children easy access to high-quality, trusted healthcare services with a personal touch.

  • Obstetrics
  • Gynaecology
  • GynaeOncology
  • Breast & General Surgery
  • Dermatology
  • Paediatrics

Our Mission

To bring new life, health and wellness to our patients and their families through the provision of excellent healthcare.

Our Vision

To be the premier specialist provider in holistic healthcare for women and children.
To be the preferred choice for patients seeking private specialist healthcare.

Our Values

Accountability. We are responsible for our actions and attitudes.
Commitment to Excellence. We are committed to do our best for the care of our patients and their families.
Integrity. We are open, honest and ethical.
Respect. We embrace diversity and treat one another with dignity and empathy.
Teamwork. We work together in delivering the best medical outcomes and the highest quality of service.

The Board believes that diversity is for strong current and future business performance.

The Board diversity policy aims to set out the approach to achieve diversity, in the first instance, on the Board of Directors (the Board) of Singapore O&G Ltd. (the Company) and in the second instance amongst the Specialist Medical Practitioners and senior management of the Company.


This policy aims to set out the approach to achieve continued strong current and future business performance by promoting diversity on the Board and later, amongst the Specialist Medical Practitioners and management, of the Company.

Policy Statement

To achieve strong current and future business performance, the Board shall execute, but not limited, to the following:

  • Foster an inclusive culture where differences are understood, respected and valued.
  • Promote diversity at all levels starting at Board level and to be followed by management.
  • Develop measureable objectives, evaluate and critically assess progress at least on an annual basis. The evaluation shall be measured against internal and appropriate external targets.

In the execution of the above, the Company shall:

  • Develop recruitment protocols and eliminate biases so that it can bring in the best people regardless of differences such as background and age.
  • Deliver fair and equitable performance management process that will help retain the best people, especially those who are different.
  • Foster a working environment free from discrimination, harassment, and vilification or victimisation.

Measureable Objectives

The Board has established the following measurable objectives for workforce diversity in 2017:

Measurable Objective Progress
To have women on the Board. ‘Dr. Heng Tung Lan took over the term of chairmanship on a 2-year rotational basis from Dr. Lee Keen Whye from 2016 to 2017.
To have women on board our senior management. There are currently three senior management members, and one of them is a woman.
Due to the nature of the healthcare industry, we have more female than male employees. Where possible, recruit more male employees for our business. As at 31 December 2016, the Group has a total of 55 employees (including Specialist Medical Practitioners); and of which, 48 and 7 are female and male employees respectively.

The Board will assess the objectives annually, as well as the progress in achieving them.

Selection of new candidates across all levels will be based on different criteria, including but not limited to gender, age, cultural and educational background, professional and business experience, skills, knowledge, functional expertise and competencies.

The outcome of our selection process for the Board members will be based on merit and contribution that the selected candidate will bring to the Board. The Boards composition will be disclosed in our Corporate Governance Report on an annual basis.

Monitoring and Reporting

The Nomination Committee reviews and monitors the implementation of this policy. The Company will report the employees and Boards composition with details in the Annual Report on an annual basis.

Review of This Policy

The Nomination Committee will review this policy to ensure its appropriateness and effectiveness. The Nomination Committee will discuss any revisions that may be required, and will subsequently recommend any such revisions to the Board for consideration and approval.

Disclosure of This Policy

This policy will be published on the Company’s website for stakeholders information.

The Board of Directors (the “Board”) of Singapore O&G Ltd. (the “Company”) and its subsidiaries (together with the Company, the “Group”) seeks to conduct its business in an ethical manner and in compliance with best practice.

As a result, we have developed a Code of Ethics that we expect to continue to refine with various stakeholders. The underlying principle of the Code of Ethics is that we expect our management and staff to act with integrity towards those with whom we have business dealings, to the people in the society where we do business and towards each other. The Code of Ethics is over and above the Code of Medical Ethics and is designed to cover areas not covered by the Code of Medical Ethics and especially in the business and finance dealings of the Group. The Code of Ethics outlines how this principle is to be applied.

Our systems and processes are based on:

  • Management and staff understanding that they are responsible and accountable for their own actions.
  • Dealing honestly towards our investors, patients and customers, subcontractors, suppliers and other stakeholders, and not engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct.
  • Treating all persons with dignity and in a manner that provides equal access and/or opportunity to all and which prevents harassment or discrimination.
  • Respecting and complying with all applicable laws, regulations and local customs relating to behavioural and ethical practices, including consumer protection, trade practices, local social norms and operational health & safety matters.
  • Where possible avoiding conflict of interest situations.

With Respect to Shareholders

In the exercise of their ownership rights, shareholders shall:

  • View the Group from a medium and long-term perspective and not a short-term trading opportunity.
  • Ensure that the Group maximises shareholder wealth in a:
    • Law abiding,
    • Socially acceptable,
    • Environmentally sustainable, and
    • Ethical & responsible manner.
  • Ensure that they, the shareholders, have read the announcements and materials provided to them by the Group, so that they can exercise their voting rights in an informed and responsible manner; and in particular, with respect to their appointment of Directors who have the experience and the commitment to the Group and can perform their functions in a professional, ethical and responsible manner.
  • Assist the Group to find a fair balance between capital and labour so that employees receive fair compensation for their work.
  • Assist the Group to find a fair balance, between what is taken from the society and what is given back to society, to benefit the wider society.

With Respect to Directors and Management

In the exercise of their respective functions, they should:

  • View the Group from a medium and long-term perspective and not a short-term employment or money-making opportunity.
  • Ensure that the Group maximises shareholder wealth in a:
    • Law abiding,
    • Socially acceptable,
    • Environmentally sustainable, and
    • Ethical & responsible manner.

In relation to Management functions to:

  • Act in a professional, ethical and responsible manner; and in particular, to avoid conflicts of interest. Where such conflicts are unavoidable, to resolve them in a transparent manner and for the interest of the Group.
  • Comply and ensure compliance with all applicable laws, regulations and local customs relating to behavioural and ethical practices, including consumer protection, trade practices, local social norms and operational health & safety matters.
  • Comply with accounting standards and to establish effective internal controls and good corporate governance practices.
  • Comply and ensure compliance with the Group’s Code of Ethics.
  • Provide stakeholders with adequate information about the Group, promote stakeholder participation and ensure that there are successors to continue the role of management of the Group.
  • To act responsibly and reasonably to customers, sub-contractors, suppliers and providers of capital; and wherever possible, to choose business relationships that further achieve the objectives of the Group’s Code of Ethics.
  • To treat all individuals, particularly employees, fairly and with dignity and in a manner that provides equal access and/or opportunity to all and avoids any harassment or discrimination situations.
  • Wherever possible to promote the interest of the society in which the Group operates.

With Respect to Employees

  • Employees should be informed that they have rights and responsibilities.
  • Employees should make themselves aware of their rights and understand that they are accountable for their actions.
  • Employee rights shall include:
    • Being treated with dignity, respect and in a culturally appropriate manner.
    • Being employed in an operationally safe environment.
    • Not being discriminated against 1, harassed or be placed in a position of abuse or violence.
    • Fair remuneration for the job done or responsibility assumed.
    • The right to communicate with management in matters where they feel their rights have been breached; and the Lead Independent Director or the Chairman of the Audit Committee, in private, where the Group’s Whistle Blower code applies.
  • Employee responsibilities shall include:
    • Abiding with all relevant laws and helping the Group to promote this Code of Ethics.
    • Not abusing or using the Group’s assets and resources for their own benefit.
    • Dealing fairly and honestly towards the Group’s customers, subcontractors and suppliers, and not engaging in misleading or deceptive conduct.
    • Treating all persons, particularly managers, fellow workers and the local population with dignity and respect.

By age, disability, features, genetic, nationality, pregnancy, race, religion, sex or sexual preference.

Singapore O&G Ltd. (“SOG”) and its subsidiaries (collectively, the “Group”) is committed to maintaining high standards of honesty, openness and accountability.

  • As employees (including Specialist Medical Practitioners) will usually be the first to know when someone inside or connected with the Group is doing something illegal, dishonest or improper;
  • As many employees may feel apprehensive about voicing their concerns; and
  • As the Board does not believe that it is in the interest of the Group to keep such knowledge silent.

The Group has adopted a Whistleblowing Policy and the following sets out the policy and procedures by which you can report your concerns. The Whistleblower can be assured that the information will be examined carefully and if it has merit will be acted on. The whistleblower (internal and external) can be assured that the Group intends to protect its business and reputation.

Policy Statement

SOG takes all malpractice very seriously, whether it is committed by an employee, supplier customer, competitor or contractor.

This Policy Statement applies to all employees, agents and consultants. It is intended to complement statutory protection and, for the avoidance of doubt, statutory rights will not be affected in any way by this policy.

The following examples demonstrate what we mean by serious malpractice:

  • Fraud, corruption, bribery or other malpractice that could lead to a financial or reputational loss to the Group.
  • Criminal offences such as theft, unlawful use of Group’s assets, and abuse of patient information (i.e. breach of Privacy Policy and Personal Data Protection Act).
  • Breaches relating to the accuracy or integrity of the Group’s financial statements.
  • Failure to comply with the law or legal obligations.
  • Actions which are intended to conceal any of the above.

If you become aware of any such activities or other possible malpractices, you are encouraged to follow the procedures set out below. It will not always be clear that a particular action falls within one of these categories, and you will need to use your own judgment. However, if you believe the matter to be serious, SOG would prefer you to report your concerns rather than keep them to yourself.


How do I make a report?

You can make a report orally or in writing. Normally, for employees, you should inform your immediate manager, or their line manager.

Historically, a direct whistleblowing channel through email has been implemented to enable our stakeholders to get direct access to our Audit Committee Chairman. With effect from February 2018, the Company has assessed the need to have more than one whistleblowing channels and our stakeholders can now use any of the following whistleblowing channels:

  1. Audit Committee Chairman
    Mr. Ng Boon Yew
  2. Auditors
    Foo Kon Tan LLP
    Attention to Audit Partner-in-charge: Mr Chan Ser


Is there a place where I can go for independent advice?

Go first to the Audit Committee Chairman who is an independent non-executive director and who can hire lawyers, if required.

Do I need proof of wrongdoing to make my report?

SOG does not expect you to have absolute proof of any malpractice that you report. However, you will need to be able to explain the reasons for your concern. Whilst the Group wishes to encourage whistleblowing, it will not tolerate spurious or vindictive allegations.

How will my report be investigated?

Once you have made a report, the Audit Committee Chairman or an unrelated (to the incident or person being reported) SOG senior management will acknowledge receipt of it within 10 working days.

An independent person will then make preliminary enquiries as confidentially as possible. If the person raising the concern is required to attend face-to-face meeting, a fellow employee may accompany him or her where appropriate.

If it is determined that a fuller investigation is necessary, this will proceed either with further internal investigations, or by referral to an appropriate external body, dependent upon the nature and the seriousness of the report.

Will SOG protect my identity if I make a report?

If you make a report, SOG will do everything possible to keep your identity as confidential as possible during the investigation and you may assume that only the SOG person investigating the malpractice concern will know your identity. However, there may be circumstances (for example, if your report becomes the subject of a criminal investigation) where you may be needed as a witness and, once the investigation is complete, the findings may need to be communicated to the individual(s) concerned (see below). Should this be the case we will discuss the matter with you at the earliest opportunity.

Can I protect my identity by reporting on a confidential basis?

The Group would prefer you to give your name and contact details when you make a report. However, you are also allowed to communicate your concern on a confidential basis.

What will happen on completion of the investigations?

Subject to any legal constraints, SOG will communicate the findings of the investigation to:

You as the person raising the report;
The individual(s) under investigation; and
If appropriate, SOG senior management or external authorities who need to consider whether action should be taken on the basis of the findings.

As with any case where an employee is found to be involved in wrongdoing, they will be dealt with effectively in accordance with employment laws and contracts of employment.

Am I at risk of suffering victimisation if I raise a report?

You can be assured that, if you raise an important concern, this will be taken seriously and you will be treated fairly and with discretion. We will take all reasonable steps to ensure that no person under our control engages in victimisation of any form. If you make a report in good faith, even if it is not confirmed by an investigation, your concern will be valued and appreciated and you will not be liable to disciplinary action. However, if you make a false report, maliciously or for personal gain, then you may face disciplinary action.

What can I do if I am unhappy with the way SOG has dealt with my report?

If you are unhappy with the outcome of an investigation, you should submit another report explaining why this is the case to the whole of the Board of Directors. Your concern will be investigated again if there is a good reason to do so.

If you are still unsatisfied with the result, you may make a report to the Singapore Stock Exchange or any other Singapore authorities you wish.